We are trustworthy and true to our values while handling any projects entrusted with us.


We adjust to circumstances and handle every project with a unique approach.


Every detail is key to delivering a great service experience and we believe that Excellence is gradual and progressive.


CMM GLOBAL is a multinational Facilities Management and Maintenance Company

We have a strong expertise and specialization in the provision of repair and maintenance services for automotive equipment, facilities management, and related spare parts, often in harsh and inaccessible environments typically encountered in remote locations, post-conflict areas where elective dealership support is often not an option.

We help our clients to achieve their goals by diligently delivering quality, affordable and tailor-made solutions to there projects irrespective of their size and complexity. We understand that delivering a successful project requires highly trained and qualified experts and based on that we made recruiting talented professionals and associating with renowned international experts a corporate priority.

Why CMM Global?

For 20 years, we have been a driving force of facilities management and consultancy in East and Central Africa.

Technical Experience

CMM Global has a pool of highly skilled engineers and technicians that are qualified and experienced in all aspects of the engineering sector and this guarantees outstanding quality service for all customers.

Conformity & Adaptability

CMM Global is well-positioned to provide thought leadership to their current and prospective customers and to ensure conformity and adaptability to new developments in the engineering world.

Continuity of Service Offering

CMM Global does not just end at implementation but also offers sales and support to guarantee customers continuity of service

Project-Based Solutions

CMM Global has over the years demonstrated its capability to implement project-based solutions.

Proven Track Record

CMM has an excellent performance history with commendable customer appreciation reviews and feedback.

Quality and Compliance

CMM Global is an ISO 9001:2015 compliant company and we have a well-documented quality management process that upholds our core purpose and values. Our quality policy gives us an opportunity to serve you with a high standard of excellence

What has been keeping us busy

For 20 years we have been a driving force of facilities management and consultancy in East and Central Africa, not just ending at implementation but also offering sales and support to guarantee customers continuity of service.

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