Kamina is the capital city of Haut-Lomami Province located South Eastern part in the Democratic Republic of Congo, known as an important railway node; three lines of the DRC railways run from Kamina toward the north, west, and south-east. It has two main airports: a military (Kamina Base-Airport) and a public airport (Kamina Airport). It lies along National Road 1 (N1) and Regional Road 630 (R630). Kamina has about a pop of 115,626 and an elevation of 1,124 meters.

Kamina, town is an important center on the Lubumbashi-Ilebo rail line at the junction of branch lines northward to Kindu and to Kalemie a port with connections to eastern Africa.

CMM Global started a CONTRACT in May 2019 in this part of the country, with MONUSCO under United Nations peace keeping mission. We did mobilization, recruited and trained technicians for the daily full operation and maintenance of the diesel generators. MONUSCO will be withdrew operations in Kamina in December 2020.


Kamina, Democratic Republic of Congo