Mbandaka is the capital of equateur province, founded 1883, then later obtained the city status in the early 1958. It is just few kilometers from the equator. It is located in a busy travel corridor upriver from the capital Kinshasa. It is the home of the Mbandaka airport, which takes about an hour flight or is also linked by riverboat for about 4-7hours to Kinshasa.

Mbandaka is harbors many tribes and regions in the city, though largely populated by the people from Mongo ethnic group. Mbandaka mainly speaks Mongo, Lingala and French.

CMM Global started a CONTRACT in May 2019 in this part of the country, with MONUSCO under United Nations peace keeping mission. We did mobilization, recruited and trained technicians for the daily full operation and maintenance of the diesel generators. The UN Mission under MONUSCO withdrew from Mbandaka on the December 2020 fiscal year.


Mbandaka, Democratic Republic of Congo