Lubumbashi is rightly the second largest city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, located in the country’s south-eastern part, along the border with Zambia. It is formerly known as Elisabethville until 1966, being second largest city in DRC.

The main industrial center of the mining district of southeastern Congo, it lies 110 miles (180 km) northwest of Ndola, Zambia. The town was established by Belgian colonists in 1910 as a copper-mining settlement and was designated as an urban district in 1942. Most regional mining companies are headquartered in Lubumbashi, which is the transportation center for mineral products (copper, cobalt, Zinc, cadmium, germanium, tin, manganese, and coal) from the towns of Likasi, Kolwezi, Kipushi, and others. Mineral exploitation has been dominated by a government-owned organization, but foreign mining companies are also in evidence. The city’s other industries include printing, brewing, flour milling, and the production of confectionery, cigarettes, brick, and soap.

CMM Global started a CONTRACT in May 2019 in this part of the country, with MONUSCO under United Nations peace keeping mission. We did mobilization, recruited and trained technicians for the daily full operation and maintenance of the diesel generators at the MONUSCO site, the mission closed later on in December 2020

Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo